Panel Furniture Production Line

Why do you need an intelligent panel furniture production line? ;
Compared between push table saw and intelligent panel furniture production line, the same time, the same plate material, labor costs can save more than $10000.00 per month, 11 months to start a year is 110 thousand. Note the opening of the master monthly salary of about $6000.00 - $8000.00 per month; the use of an intelligent feeding system, just an ordinary operator, the salary of $3000.00 - $4000.00 per month. ;
At present, most customized furniture factories generally exist, "the management of workers is difficult, more difficult to manage the technical workers" phenomenon. In the first process of custom furniture production, once the workers do not cooperate, the entire order of the production schedule will be stopped, and the results will make the enterprise become very passive. Therefore, from the dependence on the technical workers, the intelligent furniture production line has fully reflected the advantages.
In terms of material cost savings: ;
A sheet, according to 2.97 square meters, a sliding table saws the material utilization rate generally at around 75%, and our production line of sheet metal using rate can reach more than 90%, because our system uses optimize software to layout optimization of dozens or even hundreds of orders to open sheet, one by one, the greatest degree makes the wasted material dropped to the lowest. But push table saw cutting depends entirely on the master technology and responsibility to layout, the human-caused a large waste of a plate. ;

Six Side Drilling Machine Connection
The benefits of using a CNC six side drilling machine connection
It is more intelligent and has a higher degree of automation. As the name suggests, the CNC six side drilling machine connection ;can punch six faces at a time. Compared with the previous drilling method, it is more convenient and quicker and has a higher degree of automation.
The power is higher, about 260 square meters can be processed evenly in 8 hours, and the processing power is much higher than that of the side hole machine.
Higher precision. Using CNC Six Side Drilling Machine Connection, no drilling is required in the cutting process. All the holes in the cabinet are drilled on the five sides after the edge sealing. It is much higher than the cooperation between the two devices.
Wider application range. The CNC six side drilling machine connection can be connected not only to the cutting machine but also to the electronic saw. The connection with the production equipment of the factory is more flexible, and it will not cause a waste of equipment updates.
The technology is more advanced. With the continuous update and application of six-sided drilling, the technology is becoming more and more mature, gradually replacing the traditional drilling method and becoming the mainstream of the market.

What is a sorting system?
Sorting systems ;are used to sort items in warehouses or distribution centers based on their destinations. Random flows of items are sorted into orders ready for shipping. The destination depends on the type of company or application within the supply chain. For example, an outbound sorter for postal or courier companies often sorts by routes or postal code to gather all items for one driver. However, retail companies sort the items per store. When looking at e-commerce orders, items can be sorted on order level.
Within the supply chain, the sorter can be used for various applications to bring more efficiency. Typical stages within the supply chain where a sorter can be used include inbound, return, outbound or shipping.

What is a packaging line?
A packaging line ;is a production line on which finished products are packaged to protect them during shipment and handling before use. The packaging material also provides a convenient surface to carry imprinted markings and codes that identify the product and enable regulators and purchasers to track its progress through shipping to the retailer or customer. In addition to packaging systems such as fillers, cartoners, case packers, and palletizers, most packaging lines also incorporate coding and marking devices to apply the essential codes that meet regulatory requirements and enable accurate shipping traceability.
Space is often a challenge in packaging lines, and therefore most marking systems fit over or next to the primary line, rather than requiring to be inserted into the line itself. The marking systems are able to function effectively from these positions and add to line productivity by keeping the line compact and efficient.
Packaging lines use a wide range of packaging materials to package an extensive variety of products, from soft to hard, large to small, solid to flexible. To successfully mark these packaging materials, manufacturers have developed a broad selection of coding and marking machines, from laser printers and engravers to continuous inkjet and thermal inkjet printers. This enables companies to select marking systems that work most effectively with their unique packaging.

What Is A CNC Center Machine and Its Functions?
CNC Center Machine ;can be said to be the integration of machine functions. A CNC Center Machine covers a variety of machining capabilities. One-stop manufacturing reduces machine replacement time and improves production efficiency. The CNC machine center is an advanced manufacturing machine tool. Machinery can perform various machining operations. The types and functions of the CNC Machining Center are introduced below. The CNC machine tool center is an advanced manufacturing machine tool that can perform a variety of machining operations with high precision, high quality, and high surface finish. A CNC machine tool center can perform drilling, milling, and lathe operations.
The manufacture of prismatic parts in the industry, such as gearboxes, partitions, frames, covers, etc., requires different types of operations such as milling, boring, drilling, tapping, and many other related machining operations. In the past, this production process had to be divided into many working stages, and the operation of different machine tools was able to produce a finished product, which resulted in a large amount of delivery time and cost. To overcome this problem, a CNC center machine was developed. Milling, lathing, and drilling operations on a single machine tool allow one machine to perform a greater variety of machining needs.

Engraving Machine ;
An engraving machine ;is a machine for mechanical engraving from a drawing, stencil, or model. An engraving machine is used to transfer representations from bas-reliefs and other convex artistic originals to soft metal (such as copper), stone, or wood. In metalworking the engraving machine is a small copying-milling machine with a pantograph, carrying a cutting instrument (cutter or graver), which cuts the stamps, inscriptions, and figures on machined parts. An engraving machine is used in polygraphy to prepare zincographic stereotypes.

CNC Router
A computer numerical control (CNC) router is a computer-controlled cutting machine that typically mounts a hand-held router as a spindle that is used for cutting various materials, such as wood, composites, metals, plastics, glass, and foams. CNC routers ;can perform the tasks of many carpentry shop machines such as the panel saw, the spindle molder, and the boring machine. They can also cut joineries such as mortises and tenons.
A CNC router is very similar in concept to a CNC milling machine. Instead of routing by hand, tool paths are controlled via computer numerical control. The CNC router is one of many kinds of tools that have CNC variants.

Milling Machine
A milling machine ;is a device that rotates a circular tool that has a number of cutting edges symmetrically arranged about its axis; the workpiece is commonly held in a vise or similar device clamped to a table that can move in three perpendicular directions. Disk- or barrel-shaped cutters are clamped through holes in their centers to arbors (shafts) attached to the machine spindle; they have teeth on their peripheries only or on both peripheries and faces. An end mill is a cutter shaped like a pencil with a tapered shank that fits into the machine spindle; it has cutting teeth on its face and spiral blades on the lateral surface.
In the milling operation, the workpiece is carried on a table that is driven either manually or by power against the rotating cutter. Milling machines usually produce flat surfaces, but any shape that can be ground on the cutter will be reproduced on the work. To mill the teeth of a spur gear, a disk-type cutter with its cutting edges in the shape of the space (groove) between the teeth of the gear is used, milling the gear blank one space at a time.
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