China Roller Blinds

Our History
Shouguang Bomei window decoration Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the curtain and window decoration industry for 20 years. In 2016, it combined with Yuan carpet to enter the carpet industry, providing diversified choices for new and old customers. Our production and processing base is located in Shandong Province, China. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and operation of window curtain products and sisal and jute carpets. Our products cover curtains, window decorations and all kinds of carpets, including rolling blinds, soft gauze blinds, Shangri La blinds, Roman blinds, beehive blinds, day and night blinds, aluminum blinds, waterproof wood blinds, hollow blinds, electric vertical blinds, electric open and close blinds, electric windbreak rolling blinds, electric side rail honeycomb blinds, electric outdoor aluminum blinds, flap, window openers, electric rolling shutters and various sisal, jute and wool Carpet and all kinds of square carpet, handmade carpet and other household products.
Our Factory
15000 square meters of plant, to ensure that we can meet the needs of all customers, we are not only good at quality management, but also have a unique view on cost control, to give customers the best price and the best quality is our constant pursuit. To survive with quality, innovation and progress, to provide consumers with high-quality, classic brand products.
We adopt the 6S production management system, which has strict standards for each process. From the production of the products to the delivery, we have strict inspection at all levels to ensure that there is no problem in the hands of customers. Our company has introduced the leading production technology and advanced production equipment to meet the needs of customers. In addition, our company also created an excellent, professional design and development team, and a team of experienced technicians to solve the technical problems of customers.
Our Product
Wooden blinds, wood slats, all kinds of blinds, rolling blinds, cloth curtains, soft curtains, Shangri La curtains, sisal carpets, jute carpets, wool carpets
Product Application
Home, business, project, office, business place
Production Equipment
High definition digital printing machine, high frequency welding machine imported from Italy, ultrasonic fabric cutting machine from Korea, packing machine, sewing machine, ironing table, loose cloth winding machine, full steam bucket ironing, ultra-high speed four thread sewing machine, electric eye opposite cloth inspection machine, digital inspection machine, rolling curtain production line, electric drill, high-speed cutting machine, large CNC laser engraving machine
Production Market
Germany, Britain, Russia, Canada, Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, Poland, Australia, Kuwait and other countries
Our Service
1. Before ordering, you can send us the product pictures you want and communicate with our customer service staff. We will record your product requirements in detail, and then tell our craftsmen to determine the production process and accounting price. If you have physical samples, you can send them to us so that we can proofread and quote better.
2. After ordering, our factory will produce in strict accordance with your requirements and deliver goods in time.
3. The after-sales service system of Bomei is divided into two parts.
After delivery, we will record your feedback so that we can cooperate better next time.
On the other hand, we will have a special person to keep in touch with you and keep abreast of your latest product requirements, so as to promote new products more quickly.China Roller Blinds

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