Wholesale Hydroponic NFT Gully System


The NFT hydroponic system is a growth system that continuously circulates water and nutrients through the growth tank. It provides a controllable growth environment for various vegetable crops. In this case, green leafy vegetables can grow under ideal nutrition and climate levels. And cause the roots to develop, but the crop quality is higher.

The growth channel is made of food-grade extruded PVC pipe. There is a removable cover for easy cleaning, and an end cover for draining waste nutrient solution. Due to its channel structure, the root system of the plant is easily pulled out of the cultivation container. To reduce labor, we eliminated the openings where algae can grow.

Product Specification:

Type Flowerpot
Material Plastic
Number Of Openings 108
Weight 12.5kg
Pipe Size 63 MM
Size 81*30*30 CM

Package Included:
1 x Holder and Main Pipe
1 x Water Pump
1 x Pipe
1 x Installation Instruction
108 x Planting Sites
108 x Planting Sponge

Product Feature:
鈭?Easy to assemble
鈭?PVC pipe: 107x100x70cm square pipe
Suitable for lettuce and celery, coriander, greenhouse vegetables, strawberries...
鈭?Save time: bring a water pump, no need for care

Product Advantages:
鈼?Very easy to assemble and use, very suitable for beginners! Planting plants in hydroponics requires less water and less space, and pests and diseases are easier to control and prevent.
鈼?This kind of hydroponic station growth kit, UV stable, food grade reservoir can maximize plant health, growth and yield, compared with soil gardening products, plants will be more nutritious and taste better.
鈼?Food grade materials, safe and green, all accessories
鈼?Easy to assemble, convenient, save space and time
Advanced internal resistance design
鈼?The inner plug uses food grade materials on each layer to achieve water balance

Product Application & Detail:

1. How long is the delivery time?
We are a manufacturer, so we can provide a fast delivery time of 10 to 20 days according to your greenhouse size and system.

2. Can your company provide greenhouse design?
Our company can design greenhouses. And we can give simple drawings before signing the contract.

3. How to install the greenhouse?
First, we prepare the materials and export them. After you clear customs, we will send engineers or all workers to guide the installation.

4. How to assemble the product when buying?
We have professional after-sales service engineers who will provide planning drawings and installation manuals. You can communicate with him from time to time.

5. How about the Shipping Type
We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping are also optional.

6. Can you provide samples?
We can provide you with samples, but you should pay the express fee and sample fee.
The sample fee will be deducted from the purchase price when the bulk goods are ordered.

7. How to control the quality?
Quality is the key! Our quality control team and engineer team will handle all processes from placing an order to shipping.

8. Can I come and visit?
Welcome to visit our factory and showroom at anytime! Wholesale Hydroponic NFT Gully System